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Unlike other photographers, Surajit Kumar Das did not start at an early age, neither does he have a degree in photography, nor has he attended any photography workshop. Surajit was born in Kolkata, West Bengal, in 1988. He graduated with a Bachelor degree of Computer Application from West Bengal University of Technology popularly known as “WBUT”. Everything he knows about photography he learned through experience, hard work, and sheer dedication. The love for photography came unexpectedly in 2011 when he was gifted a camera on his birthday. Then on one fine day in the year of 2013, his very first client asked him to take photos of their optical products to use for their marketing collaterals.
He then replied: “Sure, why not? How hard could it be to take photos of eyeglasses?”
He was very wrong.
But he really liked it. He liked learning about it so much that he invested endless hours researching, reading and practicing all there was to know about product photography. Pretty soon, he found himself expanding to other fields of the trade.
Surajit first began teaching himself photography after completing his graduation, mainly from reading magazines, watching videos and following few photographers online. He then putting his knowledge into practice techniques while on location either in his hometown or around. This informal training enabled Surajit to develop a unique style that continue to make his photographs instantly recognisable and there on he was offered an assistant position for a renowned photographer.
Surajit favours the rich colours of dawn and dusk when natural light is at its most special. He uses equipment to enable him to capture magical moments authentically at the picture taking stage, rather than relying on computer enhancements afterwards.
Although he now shoots exclusively digitally, his beginnings in landscape, portrait photography engendered a strong desire to record the scenic beauty at its natural best, and nothing more. As a result his photography captures authentic and natural moments in time, free from computer manipulation. Nowadays his love for food photography is reaching sky high. He brings an artist’s eye and a chef’s perspective to every image he creates for his clients. Surajit draws upon his prior experience, and digital artist to every shoot where he creates vibrant and impactful images that consistently resonate with the senses.
As an Assistant:
1. In assignments like Star Jalsa TVC shoot.
2. GKB optical product shoot.
3. IIM Kashipur , IIT Kharagpur for their Brochures and magazines
4. Real estate , event, and Designer shoot for TOI
5. Interior and exterior of Junction Mall, Durgapur
6. Food as a product for SPENCERs


1. Covered as head photographer during PM’s visit to National Museum, Kolkata.
2. A 4STAR Atiken Spence Hotels(Atithi), Bon Sejour (Puducherry)
3. TGI Hotels & Resorts (Yelagiri, Yercaud, TN).
4. Jivanta Hospitality,Kolkata.
5. Dimensions Interior designers, Kolkata.
6. Designer Shoot for various designers.
Surajit Kumar Das infuses his work with his own lust for life.
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